What Is Claude 3? Anthropic’s New AI Models Explained

Lastly, there’s Claude 3 Haiku, which is the currently unreleased third model. It sits at the bottom of the family tree in terms of sophistication and most capabilities, but is designed rather to be the fastest version and provide near-instant responses.

Haiku seems almost exclusively aimed as businesses as opposed to everyday users. Its speed means it’s the model that will help power things like customer-facing AI chatbots for websites, the ones that help you learn more about what you’re trying to buy, book appointment, and resolve other queries or complaints.

It’s also likely to be preferred by businesses who need to digest large amounts of data and reports in a time-sensitive manner.

Claude 3 Pricing: How Much Does Claude 3 Opus Cost?

As we’ve said, some Claude 3 models require you to pay for a Claude Pro subscription. Specifically, that’s the case with Claude 3 Opus, the most advanced version.

This effectively means that Claude 3 Opus pricing is set at $20 a month for consumers. Businesses wanting to use it will pay using the token system common for custom deployments of AI chatbot technology, which for Opus is $15 per million input tokens and $75 per million output tokens.

Claude 3 Sonnet is free to use on the open version of Claude AI that’s available to users all over the world, the “hard working” model in Anthropic’s own words, and companies can make it their own for $3 per million input tokens and $15 per million output tokens.

Right now, Claude 3 pricing for Haiku is therefore only available on a token basis: $0.25 per million input tokens and $1.25 per million output tokens.

Claude 3 vs GPT-4: First Look

We’re still testing Claude 3’s capabilities compared to key competitors like ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model. As such, we’re not yet in a position where we can share our thoughts.

That said, Anthropic has released a number of Claude 3 performance tests, which it says shows how the Claude 3 family stacks up against the likes of ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini Ultra LLM.

Of course, the key caveat here is that they’re Anthropic’s own tests and will be based, to a greater or lesser extent, on heavily engineered prompts designed to make the most of Claude 3’s capabilities.

That’s not to say Claude 3 isn’t hugely capable. It looks like it is. However, we can’t definitively say that it’s better or worse than ChatGPT, Gemini or any other chatbot until we’ve tested it fully ourselves.

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