Royal family ‘perilously close to 11th hour’, says friend of Diana | News

The royal family is “perilously close” to its 11th hour, a close friend of Princess Diana has claimed.

Richard Kay, “a very good friend” of the late Princess of Wales, is said to have issued a warning in an article published in the Daily Mail, claiming the family needs to get their “act together or lose public confidence”.

Royal commentator Michael Cole said that although Mr Kay’s concerns are “valid”, the royals have gone through “much worse”.

In a GB News interview on Sunday (17 March), Mr Cole said: “We do have to look at it with hindsight and history, because all of us here, lived through the first week of Septemeber, 1997 – after the terrible death of Diana.

“The atmosphere in London that week was very strange indeed, the queen feared she would be booed when she came down from Balmoral.”

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