I’m a Celebrity 2024: ‘I always offend people’: Fan favourite is a total wild card

It was Robert Irwin’s first time co-hosting with Julia Morris, paralympic swimming gold medalist Ellie Cole’s first time almost drowning, and the first time I’ve so adored a contestant who’s billed as an “influencer”.

I didn’t expect to like Skye Wheatley so much. Coming from a show like Big Brother, I had some assumptions ok?

But you know what they say about assuming things… it makes an a** out of, well in this case just me.

I judged her on her outfit, complete with a silly skirt that she kept having to pull down every time she moved, but then she started talking and that woman has got to be one of the disarmingly endearing contestants on the show, ever.

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Skye Wheatley I’m a Celeb fan favourite

From the moment Skye introduced herself, the audience was in love. “I’m the most judgement free, bogan Aussie gal,” she declared with a huge smile on her face.

Her smile faded during the first challenge when she had to reach her hand into a literal pit of snakes to retrieve a puzzle piece.

“This is my worst fear,” she said, trying to overcome her terror and put her hand in the hole.

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She kept apologising to her teammate, Candice Warner, who was trapped in a Perspex box and having Madagascar hissing cockroaches dropped on her at regular intervals. Without the puzzle pieces, Candice was trapped in the box.

“I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” Skye yelled, but then yanked her hand out as a snake bit her.

Robert was kind of reassuring, telling her none of the snakes were venomous. But he also said she should stay still, which is funny because she was trying to blindly find and pull out a puzzle piece from underneath the writhing, horrible tangle of snakes.

But in the end she did it, and her triumph made her even more loveable.

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Skye Wheatley talks about bullying

At camp, Skye talked about how people were constantly telling her to supress her personality, to not say whatever thought came into her head.

“People always tell me, ‘You say really stupid things Skye’,” she explained.

“I always offend people and I don’t mean to. It hurts me.”

Candice was reassuring and told Skye everyone loves her, but I wonder if Skye’s unfiltered personality will wear on people after a while.

Like Michelle Bridges, whose bum Skye pinched not once but twice.

“I had to grab Michelle’s butt. It was so tight,” Skye squealed.

“Skye. We just met. You’ve got to take me out for dinner before you squeeze my ass,” Michelle said, smiling but clearly a little peeved.

All I can say is, be nice to Skye, Michelle.

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