Conor McGregor Talks About His Children in Rare Statement About Private Life

Conor McGregor’s kids are following in his footsteps — but not in the way you’d think. While he rarely shares details about his kids, at the New York City premiere of the Road House film reboot, he revealed that his eldest kids are currently enrolled in dance classes at a dance school — a passion he shares with them.

“I do a little bit of river dancing. I [did] Irish dancing for sure in school,” the UFC fighter said in an E! News interview on Wednesday, March 20. “My children are doing it. They love it. Irish dancing is a beautiful, traditional dancing art, and we love it.”

Conor shares Conor Jack Jr., 6, Croía Mairéad, 5, Croía Mairéad, 2, and Mack, 3 months, with fiancée Dee Devlin, who he’s been engaged to since August 2020. Conor has plenty of dancing skills himself and credits some of it to his MMA fighting. He even named one of his moves after Riverdance star Michael Flatley.

“That’s why I have my son in it,” he said. “I know he’ll be nimble on the feet and light on the feet.”

Not only has Conor confessed to his passion for dancing, but he’s now adding acting to his resume, making his film debut in the upcoming Road House remake. He enthusiastically revealed his admiration for the original 1989 classic, solidifying his dedication to the project.

Conor will share the screen with seasoned actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and he couldn’t be more appreciative of the experience. “I’ve picked up so much from him,” Conor remarked on Jake’s acting prowess. “I learned a lot from him,” Conor remarked on Jake’s acting capabilities. “Very grateful and blessed to be in the position that I’m in to learn from someone like him.”

For a bit of behind-the-scenes insight, during a Monday night appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Jake shared an amusing anecdote: Conor accidentally punched him while they were shooting a scene.

“By mistake, he clocked me in the face,” Jake explained.”We would do a take [of] fake fighting, and then we’d go watch the monitors to see it back, to see what worked.”

Gyllenhaal also highlighted some of the positive experiences he had working with Conor, particularly noting how Conor’s fighting skills imparted valuable lessons to him.

“He was always great with me,” Gyllenhaal said. “He would tell me to do things like, ‘Oh, you know, turn your hand, move a little bit more this way to try to make it look more real.'”