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Fears of violence are escalating at a Boston school after a recent attack on a 13-year-old student was posted on social media — and it’s not the only fight that’s been shared online.

The mother of the injured Condon School student says her daughter, who is in eighth grade, has injuries to her hands, parts of her hair were ripped out and she has a fractured rib from the incident that happened last week after school hours about a block away from the South Boston school.

According to a police report, the girl was walking when she was approached by another Condon student. The other student called the victim a snitch and a liar, then punched her, grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the ground and dragged her.

The teen’s mom says good Samaritans broke up the assault and walked the young girl back to her school. She says her daughter had reported the attacker to a school staff member just days earlier for bullying another student.

A fight caught on camera and shared on social media happened near a Boston school.

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper told NBC10 Boston in a statement, “The safety and well-being of our young people is our highest priority and violence of any kind is unacceptable…We are working directly with the student involved and their family to provide support.”

Skipper says the situation is being handled per BPS policy.

The victim’s mom says she can’t believe people recorded the incident instead of helping her child.

“It makes me sick,” she said.

NBC10 Boston has also learned about an Instagram page dedicated to fights at Condon. The district says teachers learned about the page on Friday and they reached out to Instagram, which took the page down quickly.

The girl’s mom says she has filed an emergency transfer to another school, with only three months left in the school year.

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