Castelli Tutto Nano Thermal Bib Shorts review

The Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts have been designed around the Nano Flex 3G material to optimise performance in colder conditions as well as provide some weatherproofing in rain showers. The legs are extended and the front is raised to aid insulation, with reflective inserts on the rear of each leg. The chamois is comfortable but not the thickest, so for longer days in the saddle it can become less comfortable. The shorts perform brilliantly for the price though. 

Design and specs

Andy Turner

The Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts use Castelli’s Nano Flex 3G fabric, which combines a soft thermal lining with a water repellent outer while mesh bibs aid breathability. There are reflective inserts on the rear of each cuff of the leg, while the chamois is Castelli’s Kiss Air2 seat pad. The straps are slightly meshed to provide better breathability. Castelli claims the shorts work best between 13-20°C while they are available in sizes from XS to 3XL and only in Black.  


Andy Turner

Using the Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts across a range of conditions, they perform very well across quite a wide array of temperatures. As a pair of shorts by themselves, they offer enough breathability to be used on the turbo and at temperatures up to about 20 degrees. In cooler conditions when paired with leg warmers, they offered enough insulation in temperatures of 3-5 degrees. The raised front face and Nano Flex fleece material do a lot to keep the heat in, while the straps allow a good amount of breathability for the upper body. The Nano Flex material also works very well when it comes to water repellency, even after a few washes, and works very well in light showers but not so much in prolonged rain

The straps themselves are mesh and offer decent support without pulling on the shoulders. A size medium in these shorts fits similarly to other brands’ size medium shorts, which is often not the case with Castelli. The leg grippers are effective against bare skin or leg warmers, however they struggle with longer leg hair and rise up a bit. The chamois is Castelli’s Kiss Air2 with dual-density foam, which is pretty comfortable in rides between 2-3 hours long. However on longer rides or bumpier roads the thinner chamois can become a little less comfortable. 

Andy Turner

An area where these shorts shine is the overall value, as they come in a lot cheaper, at £130, than many other thermal bib short alternatives. For this price they perform brilliantly and offer really good insulation and decent comfort, but for those looking for enhanced comfort or even more effective weatherproofing and insulation, it may be worth considering something more expensive.


The Castelli Tutto Nano bib shorts offer really good thermal insulation, solid water repellency, and decent levels of comfort, all at a very competitive price. However the chamois lacks the all-day comfort of some higher end competition.

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